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8 Pillars of Wellness

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The Self Health Community is all about taking control of our health and wellness. We believe in proactive health care (self care to maintain health) rather than reactive health care (self and professional care when sick). it's all about balance. We use the 8 Pillars of Wellness as our guide. We practice Proactive Self Health Care, while we continually learn and apply the concepts of holistic wellness.

We provide support, information, and fun to those who are investing time and effort into holistic wellness. We have fun, get frustrated and will be happy to share our opinions on all self health care practices.

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We are here to cheer you on and support you as you take on the responsibility for your own health and wellness decisions. We are all in this together.

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Wellness is everything - Literally

It's true! Everything affects you. Take a look at each one of the Pillars of Wellness above. Do you associate wellness only with your physical health? There's so much more to consider. Think of it: your physical health might not be so great, but you have 7 other wellness pillars that can raise you up and improve your life.  This is really good news!

What will you find here?

  • Information about wellness categorized by pillar.
  • Reviews on products, books, equipment, recipes, restaurants and more.
  • Our Community: Our Self Health. Joining our community will enable you to receive alerts when new content is added. If we find good deals and interesting events, Our Self Health community gets the info first.
  • A caring group of people. We are all dealing with our issues and we are happy to listen and share our own experiences.
  • Look forward to podcasts as we talk about everything from what to do on a Saturday night to remaining relevant as we prove our staying power. Our podcasts are recorded in Panic Room Studios - but don't really panic...we have margaritas!
  • We take an honest look at aging & talk about things that no one ever told us would or could happen.
  • We are pretty well versed when it comes to food allergies. Check out our Special Needs Eaters Pantry and recipes converted from some of our favorite comfort foods.