My Plant Based Product Recommendations

Vega ONE Chocolate All-In-One Shake

I love this product! I have been using Vega ONE for several years. It can be hard to get all the necessary grams of protein every day, but with Vega ONE, I get 20 grahams of protein from one scoop of the powder.  I blend the shake using cashew milk. It doesn't have much for protein, but it is thick and tastes good. I also add a scoop of protein peptides to my shake. This combination gives me about 32 grams of protein first thing in the morning.

Vega ONE also contains, fiber, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, greens and omega-3. I should probably mention that it tastes good. I love the chocolate flavor.

Daily Harvest

I am so glad I discovered Daily Harvest! Every month I get a shipment of 24 cups filled with super foods. I can choose from smoothies, oat bowls, harvest bowls, soup, chia bowls... I love it! It takes about 4-6 minutes to prepare and I have my breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

I usually add a protein to the harvest bowls and soups. I add a scoop of Vega ONE to the smoothies to get a good protein boost.

As with all my recommendations, Daily Harvest cups are all gluten free. The link to the website is my personal intro link and using it will get you 3 Free cups.

Quest Nutrition Bars

For snacks or even a breakfast on the fun, Quest bars are great! 21 grams of protein, These bars are gluten free, filling and taste great. Not too sweet and without the weird protein bar taste.

My favorites are the S'Mores.

Beyond Burger

I think everyone has heard about Beyond Meat's burgers. I think they are a gift. These burgers have no soy or gluten, no GMOs and have 20 grams of plant protein. 

The first time I made Beyond Burgers, I forgot they weren't meat and I was baffled when there was no fat in the pan (you will want to use some olive oil in the bottom of the frying pan).

The burgers go well with the Harvest Bowls from Daily Harvest. I feel so much better indulging in Beyond Burgers than I do when I eat beef burgers.


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