Aromatherapy & You

Sometimes we forget that not everyone runs a diffuser every day. Not everyone experiments with essential oil blends to get just the right effect from our essential oil diffuser. If you are new to essential oil diffusers, you’ve come to the right place!

Phobias are hard to deal with. When the subject of the phobia literally attaches itself to the author, a solution had to be found.

When we need to solve our own problems, we call it Self Health Solutions – for the good of self.

The Story: Told by J.P. The issue started in hand lotions. “My skin became irritated when using them. I switched to natural products but found that my hands continued to become irritated after using the lotions.  I discovered that my skin is sensitive to phenoxyethanol, which seemed to be in many hand lotions. Phenoxyethanol appears to more