The most basic and simple definition of aromatherapy is that it is the use of plant essential oils as a complimentary, integrative approach to health and wellness.

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The definition is simple, but the topics included in the practice of aromatherapy are wide ranging.

The topics listed below include color coded icons. They will help you identify topics that may be useful for those new to aromatherapy, those familiar and more advanced essential oil users.


New To Aromatherapy

Here, you will find posts geared to those who have yet to be introduced to essential oils, as well as those who have been exposed but are still new to aromatherapy.


Uses Essential Oils 

Click on this button to view posts written to benefit people who use essential oils, but would like to learn more. These posts include DIYs and common essential oil properties, among other topics.


Experienced Essential Oil User

If you are an experienced essential oil user, you may be interested in these posts. This ;category includes information on our clinical blend research and development, more complex DIYs, as well as in-depth oil information that includes lesser known essential oils.

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