Illness Guilt

It’s a work day. I’m sick, or so I think. Am I really sick or am I faking it so I can get out of doing…something? The dilemma of feeling guilty over being sick in bed.

Plant Based Packaged Food

My Plant Based Product Recommendations Visit Website Vega ONE Chocolate All-In-One ShakeI love this product! I have been using Vega ONE for several years. It can be hard to get all the necessary grams of protein every day, but with Vega ONE, I get 20 grahams of protein from one scoop of the powder.  I […]

Feel Like You Swallowed a Basketball?

knew food was the problem. I tried vegan and them vegetarian diets. Ultimately neither of these did the trick. A rash appeared and spread over much of my body. I didn’t connect the rash with my other problems. The doctor put me on steroids to deal with the rash. I was desperate for answers.

Tick Attack!

Phobias are hard to deal with. When the subject of the phobia literally attaches itself to the author, a solution had to be found.

When we need to solve our own problems, we call it Self Health Solutions – for the good of self.

Skin Sensitivity to Sensitive Skin Products

The Story: Told by J.P. The issue started in hand lotions. “My skin became irritated when using them. I switched to natural products but found that my hands continued to become irritated after using the lotions.  I discovered that my skin is sensitive to phenoxyethanol, which seemed to be in many hand lotions. Phenoxyethanol appears to more […]