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What is Aromatherapy?​

Aromatherapy is a type of complementary and alternative therapy that uses plant oils, known as essential oils, from flowers, herbs or trees. Essential oils  give off strong aromas to promote relaxation, a sense of well-being. It is used as a complementary health approach to improve physical, mental and spiritual well being.  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years.

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Essential Oils May Support the Body in a Number of Ways

Promote Relaxation

Support Healthy Immune Function

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Direct Application

A single oil or a blend of oils may be diluted and applied directly to the skin. When applying oils to skin, only a few drops of essential oil are needed to achieve the desired result. Even though essential oils are 'natural' they can be very powerful. Most oils should be diluted prior to applying to skin. Oils can be strong enough to cause a burning sensation if not diluted with a carrier oil.

Bottoms of the feet are one of the best places on which to apply essential oils. Oils applied to the bottom of feet are quickly absorbed into the body (other areas that absorb quickly include behind the ears and on wrists). Feet are less sensitive than other areas of the body, which makes the chance of a sensitivity reaction much less likely.

Essential oils may be diluted in carrier oils and massaged into skin. There are different results based on which essential oil is used during a massage.